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How to Control Weeds in Central FL?

Properly managing your yard is the key to effective weed control in The City Beautiful. This is because weed control companies in Orlando FL. know how to maintain a healthy, thriving yard, creates a dense disease resistant turf. This turf prevents sunlight from reaching soil, which prevents the seeds that cause weeds from germinating. A full and thriving yard also reduces the amount of space that weeds have to grow and establishing themselves in, thus reducing the likelihood that they grow. Here are a few tips that will help give you dense and healthy grass.

Select The Right Turf Grass for the Orlando Area:

The first step to properly managing your yard is to select the right type of turf grass. When selecting the right species, you’ll need to consider which species grow best in your environment. Take into account how much sun or shade your yard gets. Consider the type of soil you have. And then think about how much rain is present. All of these affect how a grass species will grow. And if you plant the wrong species in the wrong environment, it won’t thrive. This means weeds will be able to easily germinate and grow.

Have the Correct Practices in Place: weeds pulled by hand

As mentioned, grass must be dense and healthy to effectively block out weeds. In order for this to happen, you need the correct practices in place. Properly fertilizing, watering, mowing and controlling yard pests is key to keeping the grass healthy. If you over- or under-water the lawn, this will bring different types of weed seeds to life. Make sure that you have the timer set correctly for your sprinkler system, and install a rain shut off device, which is required by law in all Florida counties. If you over- or under-fertilize your grass, don’t mow it often enough or cut it too low, the turf can be unhealthy. If this happens, it can’t fight off weeds, allowing them to invade your yard. Weeds will fill in voids that are present in your yard, so keeping the grass in tip-top shape helps keep weeds out.

Sanitize Your Orlando Landscaping Weeds

Lastly, in order to keep weeds at bay, you need to prevent introducing weeds into the grass. Most people don’t realize that they can transfer weeds from one part of a lawn to another if they use the same equipment in different parts of the landscaping. However, it’s impractical to suggest that people have two of each tool; one that they use for areas with weeds and one that they use for areas without weeds. Luckily, there is an easier solution. Wash off mowers, trimmers and rototillers after they are used in a weed infested area. This sanitizes the tool so it’s safe to use without spreading weed seeds.

Hardscape Weeds in FLorida

Often weeds pop up in cracked concrete and joints in brick pavers. The most common chemical treatment is using Round Up. A safer and more organic alternative is mixing white vinegar with salt. You can learn more here.

Plant Bed Weeds

Weeds in bed lines are often best pulled by hand, but there are chemicals that can be used. We firmly believe that the organic method of weed control in Central Florida to be superior to unhealthy chemical treatments. This is especially true when there are pets or children in the yard. Weeds Gone of Florida specializes in chemical free weed control.